“Nightmare” by Isabelle Nizzio

I stand alone under dreary showers
The last thing I remember was pain
I will wait until the late hours
Though I know there will be nothing to gain
This is the end. What is after this?
I believe I do not know much.
I suppose it will be nothing but black abyss
With not even the memory of a touch

The ones I love are still in my head
Their voices flow through my mind
I hope there will be something else instead
To remind me of what I could never find
Only the reminder will keep me alive
I only wish I could go home
It is the thing for which I strive
Though I am completely alone

I’m only my own and gasping for air.
All I want is for this to end.
To return to the way I used to be without a care,
To learn to trust and find a friend
I stand alone and fully unarmed
Is this just a dream? I must be mistaken.
I am still alone. I am afraid of being harmed.
I sit up. In the middle of the night, I awaken.


Copyright © 2017 by Isabelle Nizzio. All rights reserved.


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