More Eclipse Poetry!

Solar Eclipse by Lea

These are some other untitled poems and short pieces that came out of our writing exercises from last week’s club meeting! The drawing above is “Solar Eclipse” by Lea. 🙂

Shadows across the moon
a feather light caress
before parting
never to touch again
-Angela Solon

Dark, yet still light at the same time
Strange, yet beautiful
-Twyla Rose

Don’t stare
The shadow is deceptive
The sun is still bright enough to blind
-Angie Tonucci

I see an eclipse
The moon and sun working together
Creating something beautiful
-Elizabeth Trader.

The sun is blocked out.
The world is in shadow.
It is peaceful, dark, and quiet.

The eclipse reminds me
of our constant motion
stars, planets, and moons
a never-ending dance
-Angie Tonucci

Copyright © 2017 by Amberly, Angela Solon, Angie Tonucci, Elizabeth Trader, Lea, & Twyla Rose. All rights reserved.

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