Writing Exercise

Last club meeting, we did a really neat exercise to help us get to know each other. First, everyone spent a couple of minutes writing a list of things about themselves at the top of a paper. We made sure to include both things we like about ourselves and things we wish we could change, but the main thing was it had to be stuff we were comfortable sharing with the group. Then everyone turned their papers in, and I redistributed them at random. Once everybody had a new paper with a list, they were then to write a short piece, either poetry or prose, using the list to create their main character. We spent about seven minutes on this part. We then read them aloud, and tried guessing who the stories were about! The stories turned out great, and we all became a closer group that night as we learned that all of us are unique and pretty weird. 🙂 I’m so proud of my teens for being themselves and for accepting, supporting, and encouraging each other! Here are a few of our stories, shared here anonymously. Enjoy!


I sit at my school computer playing games when I should probably be working. I look at the clock as the bell rings for next class. I soon go to class holding onto my sketchbook tight. I sit and notice everyone’s chatting, and I’m the only person not talking. I shrug it off. I’m quiet; I can’t help it. I start to draw during class when a girl walks up to me and tries to kiss me. I respond to that by screaming, “It’s the apocalypse!” Then I run out of the school. “I’m a nerd, don’t kiss me!” I say when the girl’s friend asks why I screamed. I soon go home and work on my fan fiction.

Robbie is a fan-girl. A “Supernatural” fan-girl, to be precise. Cas was her life, as was Gabriel. Anime and music are also considered her hobbies. The nerdy emo best describes Robbie. An introvert and a loner, she draws gay art which is fabulous. It’s perfect, as Robbie is bisexual herself. The only big secret in Robbie’s life is that she is not a human. She is a moose. She walks without a pack, scrounging for herself. But she forgot to wear orange, so she was shot by a hunter and eaten, and her fur was taken and used as a coat. So in the end, she was just food.

Once there was a super awesome atheist feminist theater nerd named Pablo. Pablo loved candy and soda and desserts. He loved sweets so much, he didn’t even care about his horrible dental health. But there was one thing Pablo loved even more than sweets, and that was EQUALITY! Pablo used all his free time outside of theater and eating candy to create memes to fight inequality. Also, he didn’t think Harry Potter was all that great.

Logan sits in the hallway next to many books stacked on top of each other. He listens to the quiet, staring at the blank wall, totally lost in his own thoughts. As soon as he becomes aware of his surroundings again, he reaches in the back of his pocket and grabs his phone. After searching through his phone for a few minutes, music begins to play. It is very classical. He sets his phone on his leg as he looks over a the stack of books and grabs the one on top.

I really wish perfection was real. And if it were real, I wish I could have it. But I’m not perfect. My hair is always changing color from blonde to red. So people disagree with my tattoos and others hate than I’m queer. It seems that not everyone likes me, but that’s okay because I dislike most people too. I’m bad with money and an expert procrastinator. Sometimes I seem to be the opposite of whatever “perfection” is. But despite what flaws I have, I’m fine with me. I’m smart. And because I’m smart, I know that the flaws don’t define me. There are a hundred different things about me that are way more interesting than my flaws. So screw perfection.


Copyright © 2017 by Imaginators Teen Creative Writing Club. All rights reserved.

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